STC Booster Spinnerbait - Roadkill River Craw

STC Booster Spinnerbait - Roadkill River Craw
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  • Item #: 3104-12-HcHc
  • Manufacturer: Built by Snagler Tackle Company

STC Booster Spinnerbait are the smallest profile spinnerbaits around for burning sub surface while keeping the weight needed for those long casts for clear water fishing.  This allows the bait to run truer and in the top water column. Comes in 3/8 oz sizes (1/4oz profile) (#3 1/2 and #4 blade sizes) that is the right size for subsurface burning.

These are the production models of STC Booster Spinnerbaits.  There are many more colors that you can build your own unique STC spinnerbait.  Click here for Build Your Own page.

Color – Roadkill River Craw

Blade Configuration - Hammer Copper/Hammer Copper

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