These are STC's direct take of naturally occuring baitfish, fry and other common forage fish.  STC takes pictures of baitfish and lays strands of skirt material to match sheens, colors and patterns with blade size and colors to match the hatch.  Made from the best components like 24 ct gold blades, silver and cooper plated blades and powder coated blades.

These are the production models of the STC Natural Spinnerbaits.  There are many more sizes that you can build your own unique STC spinnerbait.  Click here for Build Your Own page.

Color - Black Nose Dace

Blades - #3 1/2 Willow Hammered Black Nickel/#4 Willow Hammered Silver


  • Item #: 5406-21-HbnHs
  • Manufacturer: Built by Snagler Tackle Company

STC Natural Spinnerbaits - Swallowtail Shiner

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