STC Schooled (no jigheads or swimbaits included)

STC Schooled (no jigheads or swimbaits included)
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  • Item #: SSUNJ
  • Manufacturer: Built by Snagler Tackle Company

STC has come up with a great umbrella rig.  In the Fall, baitfish will school up as they are migrating to their wintering holes and the smallies know it.  This rig includes ½ oz head in three great colors and (5) 7 inch .040 wires for durability.  We use extra heavy duty coastal snaps that can withstand multiple hook ups and high quality ball bearing swivel for the spinner blades.  Choose from a (5) jighead model or a (3) jighead model for your state’s regulation or personal preference. 

              As with many of STC’s product, you can customize these to a style just for you.  You have the option to choose from many blade colors and styles on either model (standard is hammered nickel willow).  Jigheads and Swimbaits are not included.  Choose your style and hold on.

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