STC Tennessee Spinning Rods for Soft Plastics
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We worked with BigDady Rods of central PA to design rods for river smallmouth fishing.  We use Taipan rod blanks, well known on the west coast and American made, which have extra fast tips but the back bone to handle big river smallies.  Fuji guides that are spaced just right for maximum casting. 

The handle is a Tennessee handle rod which does not have a reel seat.  I use fiber packing tape to fix the reel on the rod.  Line the reel up so the line goes directly into the first eye.  Position the reel on the handle, while assuring the rod is balanced.  Use the fiber packing tape on both sides of the reel frame that would normally go into the reel seat.  Once the reel is positioned on the handle, use electrical tape or rod wrap for additional strength.  I cover the entire cork, which I like on my hand or you can just do around the reel frame and packing tape.  You can also use different colors for different weighted rods

I use the 6'3" or 6'0" lengths to improve your ability to cast under trees yet have enough whip for long casts.  

You can customize your length and weight.  

Price inludes shipping and handling, allow 2 weeks for delivery since they are custom made.  

  • Item #: STC-SR-TH
  • Manufacturer: BigDady Rods
  • Cannot ship to: Canada

STC Tennessee Spinning Rods for Soft Plastics

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