STC Thin Wire Spinnerbaits - Bright Chartreuse
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These are thin wire spinnerbaits in STC's favorite skirt colors and blade combinations.  They come in 1/4 oz (1/8 oz profile), 3/8 oz and 1/2 oz (1/4 oz profile) weights.  We use plated brass, nickel, copper and metallic or painted blades wiht some models with hologram stickers.  These have full skirts for a little larger profile for dirtier water when the fish are hunting with vibration not sight.  You can choose from double #4's (default size) or #4 on the clevis and #4 1/2 willow blades on the swivel.

These are the production models of the STC Thin Wire Spinnerbaits.  There are many more colors, blade combonations and sizes that you can build your own unique STC spinnerbait.  Click here for Build Your Own page.

Color - Bright Chartreuse

Blades - #4 Willow Chartreuse/#4 Willow Chartreuse

  • Item #: 1601-01-CC
  • Manufacturer: Built by Snagler Tackle Company

STC Thin Wire Spinnerbaits - Bright Chartreuse

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